Companionship in the community

companionship_bread_logoWe will provide companionship to those who live, work or are educated in the Googong Township. Companionship literally means “with bread” (com – with, pan – bread). We want to develop deeper relationships with people by sharing bread (and coffee or a good meal!) and journeying together with them.


We currently companion with the Googong and Waters’ Edge community through:

  •  mainly music is a great opportunity to mums, dads, grandparents and carers of pre-school chldren to gather and enjoy some great activities and morning tea together.  We meet fortnightly at 10:00am on alternate Friday’s during school terms.  There is plenty of time to chat and support/encourage one another in the various challenges we face raising our small children. Simple craft activities are provided for the children.  This is a great opportunity for young families to connect and companion with each other – contact us at if you would like more information about dates/times etc.
  • in 2016 Rev James’ participated in The Great Southern Crossing with the team from the Yellow Belly Cafe, companioning both with them and the Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group.  Such initiatives, along with our ongoing presence in the Café, our relationships with those living the township and the Googong Residents Association are vital parts of our companionship ministry in the region.
  • The Waters’ Edge Team genuinely companion with each other as we work and plan together; the team is genuinely collaborative, willing to wrestle with ideas, working through the various possibilities until we are all comfortable with an outcome. The team actively shares responsibility for all aspects of the ministry thus enabling each of us to play our part, in turn receiving support and encouragement.